Clear view, clear every drive.

Every road, every route

Every road, every route must be safe and clearly visible from every angle.
Choose car film, high quality tint film. Clear, easy to drive, reduces glare, doesn’t hurt the eyes.
Heat protection, inside the car is cool and comfortable

Available in both clear film and black film.
Meets the needs of every lifestyle perfectly.

NOVA Series

Innovative Nano Ceramic Technology reinforced with carbon powder.

LUNAR Series

Optical filter film uses Nano Ceramic Technology.
from the United States which is one of the best technology in production
Optical filter film using 100% Nano Ceramic powder that does not contain any ingredients.
Mercury or other metal contamination

SKY Series

Clear, clear, and clear film texture helps protect from heat from sunlight.
With Nano Ceramic Technology from the United States
With high quality raw materials

PREMO Series

The best optical filter film that uses a combination of Nano Ceramic particles.
100% pure for effective light filtering and protection
Highest and superior heat than all LUMEX film models.
Produced with the latest innovation “Selective Ceramic Composition”
At Lumex we have selected the finest materials for production.