About Us

LUMEX FILMS is premium grade window film brand
“Your Perfect Protection”

Perfect Quality

Manage and sustain highest quality control of LUMEX FILM production in every process
coupled by state-of-the-art technology to ensure LUMEX FILM products have the perfect protection
against heat and UV rays from the sun.

Perfect Installation

The installation team at LUMEX FILM are film installers with long working experience.
With professional installation technique from experienced technicians, every car glass that leaves
Lumex Films are as perfect as possible.

Perfect to Your Lifestyle

To meet various needs, LUMEX FILM is ready to provide the most complete window tint film
for all types of cars and budget. Our products cater for every lifestyle with premium quality tint film,
divided into 4 series NOVA, SKY, LUNAR and PREMO with a variety of light filtering
intensities to choose from meeting every need in style, shade, quality and price level.

LUMEX FILM is premium grade window film brand founded by team of with more than a decade of experience in window film production, distribution and installation, for both window car tints and architectural films. With the use of advanced USA technology, stringent production elements in every step, combined with our team’s competency; Lumex Films proudly offers our highest standard product in the window film industry.